What is IGTV?

Well, let’s just say your marketing campaign just got a whole lot better…

You’ve seen the coloured strip and icon popping up at the top of your favourite photo sharing app, but how does it work and what does this mean for marketing your business?

It’s only been a week, but Instagram’s launch of a spanking new video sharing channel, IGTV has sparked major brands and businesses to experiment with the app like never before. This new feature is a built-in user-generated channel which can be accessed within users’ own Instagram accounts or on the IGTV app and it’s automatically set up and ready to start watching.

At least 300 million users take advantage of Stories on Instagram, the time-sensitive photo and video sharing format. You’re probably wondering how this differs from IGTV? Well, Instagram Stories only lets you share snippets of video to be deleted the next day, but IGTV allows users to upload videos from 60 seconds up to a whole hour long. Better still, it’s designed to be watched vertically on a smartphone, with easy swipeable functions and the screen doesn’t need to be flipped round for a full-screen view. What’s more, each Instagram user has their own channel and can browse videos from accounts they already follow as well as following, sharing content and browsing and new accounts all from the one screen and there’s absolutely no irritating ads, just unadulterated video content.

For a business owner, this means super exciting things, adding a major string to their marketing bow. Effectively, their captive audience of info-hungry Instagram followers have a TV channel to watch, all about their brand. It might be early days for the new feature, but with no ads, this is a golden opportunity for marketers to start thinking about that new video strategy.

Want to nail it on IGTV? Here’s a few pearls of wisdom discovered so far…

1.  Don’t repost content from Instagram highlights, it just looks lazy. This app is designed to get those creative juices flowing, so talk to an expert on video content or read though some blogs on how to do it.

2.  Do put together a well-planned strategy about what you’re going to post. It’s all about planning when it comes to nailing great social media so a good brainstorming session goes a long way.

3.  Although there’s an hour of air time on there, you don’t have to max out the full hour. Keep your messages shorter and have your audience thirsty for more. They’ll be more likely to keep tuning in, tease them!

4.  Upload high quality videos. Grainy, shaky, blurry video just ain’t gonna cut the mustard. Use a camera or get someone to properly shoot and edit it, your audience will be more likely to take your brand seriously.

5.  Have fun with it. According to HubSpot, this year 81% of businesses reported using video as a marketing tool, so start crafting your IGTV channel to make sure you get a slice of that pie.


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