The Brawest Sweets fae Scotland

As any young agency will testify being asked to create a whole new brand from scratch is a dream come true and to be honest a little scary – but that’s exactly what we were asked to do by the guys at YALDI.

Looking to create a new online sweets range, we were given a fairly open brief with only two requirements. It needed to have a Scottish twist and ‘not one iota of that bloody tartan’ in it either.

They wanted it to have real stand out appeal, be a little cheeky and even a bit on the brash side! Well ye’ve come to the right place guys...

After a few rounds of development, two new sets of wallies, talking like Glasgow’s biggest patter merchants and our fair share of giggles, the final creative and tone of voice was agreed on.

A bold as brass personality and sweet AF look and feel has been filtered through all aspects of this emerging Scottish brand, including packaging, funny occasion messages including Glasgow favourites Gaun Yersel’ and Peely Wally, an ecommerce site in full Glasgow chat with a translation button, jist incase anywan cannae unnerstaun and of course social media.

To make sure YALDI launched with as much voracity as a dug eating beetroot, we set in motion a social media and PR strategy to engage punters from around the world, working with celebrities, influencers and media to get as much chat out there as we could.

The project has been months in the making but has been a ridiculous amount of fun to work on and we’re chuffed tae bits on how it's turned out.

So, the long and short of it... if ye've got a sweet tooth or ye fancy treating yer pal, check these guys oot.